Job Title 


Current Unit 

Highest  Education level

Bi-Feng Xu



Professor, Department of Finance and Finance, Yishou University

National Cheng-Chi University

Yong-Chang Lai

Association Professor

Radiation Safety Theory

Association Professor , Department of Public Health, Kaosiung Medical University

Senior Medical University is also attached to the Department of Nuclear Medicine of Zhong-He Memorial Hospital as a senior medical engineering technician 

Ph.D., Institute of Nuclear Engineering, University of Michigan, USA

Frances M. Yang Association Professor Biostatistics/  Epidemiology

Harvard University


Harvard University, MD

Zi-Ren Hong

Assistant   Professor

Medical  Industry Development

General Manager of Taiwan Xinguang Health Management Company 

Xinguang Wuhuo Lion Memorial Hospital Associate and Personnel Room and Secretary Room and Director of the Administration Department of the Health Management Department 

Master of Medical Management Research Institute, Chang Gung University

Zhih-Hong Pan

Assistant   Professor

Occupational Health Epidemiology

Associate Research Fellow,Institute of Labor Safety and Health

National Taiwan University

Shi-Huai Xiao


Medical Quality Management, Management

Director of Human Resources Office of   Zhong-He Memorial Hospital

Ph.D candidate, Institute of Medical Management, National Taiwan University 

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